What are corporate playing cards?

Corporate playing cards are branded playing cards made based on your brand guideline.

Playing cards are one of the most frequently used items in companies of friends. It makes a corporate deck of cards given to your client or partner a powerful tool to remember your brand and remind them of yourself.

We create a unique design for your company and print on professional real playing card paper (German black core paper, Linen finish).

Classic playing cards faces

The basic design of playing cards is made in the familiar classic style. The suits remain as usual for all users of playing cards “spades” “diamonds” “hearts” and “clubs”.

Customize such cards as an ace, o, and joker and add a special card – a business card, with the details of the company *(this card, at the request of the client, can be replaced by something else).


Branded back side of the card

Why do you need to think about it?

Respondents don’t throw out free branded merchandise
Keep it for more than a few months
Keep it for a few years
People find playing cards enjoyable

Branded back side of the card

Average playing hours
Average number of games/year
Аverage number of players

Our clients

Luxury products

A deck of cards can be added to your product set.


Many people like to play poker and a deck of cards can be a gift for hotel customers to take home with them.

Premium services

Use a unique deck of cards as a gift for clients who have used your service.


Many companies use promotional products for their business, but nothing is kept by customers as long as a deck of cards.

Why Card Games Are So Popular

1. Cards are portable
2. Card games are adaptable
3. Card games can be profitable
4. Card games are speedy to play
5. There’s a sense of competition in every card game
6. Many card games are games of luck
7. Card players get to show off skills
8. Card games have that winning effect
9. Card games promote ease of conversation
10. Many card games are educational
11. Card games have that replay effect
12. Card games are entertaining

Design process

Corporate custom designed playing cards

Branding of playing cards

Before our design department begins to prepare for you a 3D layout of your future corporate playing cards, the client sends us a corporate identity with all the instructions and materials to be used.

The corporate identity applies to the box (A) and back of the playing cards (B), but also some of the elements on the front are also branded, such as:
– Aces
– Joker
– Business card

Get a 100% customized deck of cards

We also offer our customers to order from us for an additional fee a 100% unique deck of cards
with drawn characters in any style and integrate branding in the images.

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The design of the playing cards on the site, depicting major brands, was used as an example of what corporate playing cards might look like.